About Us

Co-Directors: Andrea Rhodes, Jesse Feldmus, Janett Pabon

A collective of spirited and diverse business owners, artists and artisans, Tivoli Merchants + Artists aims to put a spotlight on our unique and eclectic village. Together, by supporting each other and working to draw in patrons, visitors and the community, the goal is to promote the Tivoli experience - a vibrant destination with its world-class restaurants and arts scene, its distinctive shops and studios, professional talent, creative and innovative accommodations, lifestyle options and residential opportunities...and more.  With the power of like-minded merchants and artists, we can share resources, brainstorm ideas and help grow Tivoli as an exciting place to live, work and play.

Andrea Rhodes is owner of Gig Marketing and co-owner/producing director at Tangent Theatre Company.

Jesse Feldmus is co-owner of Murray's Cafe and The Sanctuary at Murray's.

Janett Pabon is general manager of Hotel Tivoli and The Corner Restaurant

The Tivoli Merchants and Artists Association is a proud parter of The Red Hook Chamber of Commerce.